In our efforts to serve our communities, we are providing features and conducting interviews with people in the news, local government officials, local Cooperative Extension agents, entertainers and more. Below is a list of features and interviews. Click on the audio link to play and listen!


Dawn Turner
Dawn Turner, a woman who’s priority is building relationships. A creative passion for students far from home means that young people from some twenty other countries know what it is to be a part of an American family and to have true friends in NC.

30:46 minutes
Grace Notes - Al Rushatz
Al Rushatz, a West Point graduate and retired US Army Colonel, an All-American in both football and wrestling, an educator, inventor, and businessman... a man who knows both love and war.

30:03 minutes
Grace Notes - Minda Daughtry
Minda Daughtry, a horticulture agent with the North Carolina Cooperative Extension, and woman whose zest for living is an inspiration. Her curiosity about the world, her sense of daily opportunity, and her enthusiastic embrace of challenge are intriguing.

30:37 minutes
Grace Notes - Ernie Mills
Ernie Mills, Founder and CEO Of the Durham Rescue Mission, works with addicted and homeless men and women from across North Carolina.

30:02 minutes
Grace Notes - Bill Shrago
Bill Shrago, an Air Force Veteran and long-time financial advisor, member of the Order of the Long Leaf Pine, and former chairman of the North Carolina Holocaust Council.

31:28 minutes
Grace Notes - Jimmy Garner
Jimmy Garner, a native of NC, who for nearly nine decades has lived to make his community a better place. Car salesman-turned-president of First Bank, and still choir director at his church in Robbins, Jimmy’s story is one of traditional values...

29:22 minutes
Grace Notes - April Baker
April Baker, the founder of "A Touch of the Father's Love" food pantry in Battleboro, has a passion for helping those in need and believes that if she can do it, anyone can!

31:28 minutes
Grace Notes - Jeannie Reives
Jeannie Reives, a woman who took over her father’s barber shop after his death, and who’s mission it is to bring a smile and a great haircut to everyone she comes across. From regular customers to inmates, to the elderly, to the mentally ill.

25:55 minutes
Grace Notes - Roscoe Emmanuel
Roscoe Emmanuel is a retired highway patrolman who now spends his time ministering to Native American tribes on reservations out west. Through the non-profit, Native American Christian Ministries of the Carolinas, his is a story of dedicated service...

30:10 minutes
Grace Notes - The Aikens
Larry and Grace Aiken — a husband and wife team whose dedication to serving their community spans more than 50 years together. Theirs is a story of love and service…a story of Singin’ in the Rain and Keepin’ the Music Playin’.

30:42 minutes
Ben Vereen
Life 103.1's Will Robinson interviews Ben Vereen, who will be performing with the North Carolina Symphony—Steppin' Out With Ben Vereen, and will feature a tribute to Broadway!

05:36 minutes
Grace Notes - Bonnie Smith
Bonnie is the mother of a special needs child and founder of "Jacob's Friends." Bonnie's story is a story of love, commitment, and inclusion, of helping those who might be considered "different" - and then discovering abundant blessing in return.

31:32 minutes
Grace Notes - James Johnson
James is Purple Heart Vietnam Veteran who now volunteers at the Boys and Girls Club

25:15 minutes
Grace Notes - Retha Pappas
Retha is a dedicated Relay For Life volunteer and has been for the past 20+ years.

29:57 minutes
Grace Notes - Mary Latham
Mary Latham of More Good is on a mission to travel to every state and collect stories of hope, positivity, and people doing good.

30:52 minutes
FirstHealth "I'll See You In September"
Life 103.1 interviews Jeff Hanson and his family for the upcoming FirstHealth Foundation "I'll See You In September" event.

12:03 minutes
Twelve Angry Men
Life 103.1 interviews John Davidson, starring in Judson Theater's On Golden Pond.

06:45 minutes
Randy Jackson
Life 103.1 interviews Randy Jackson, who will join the North Carolina Symphony on June 25, 2016 playing the music of David Bowie.

05:52 minutes
On Golden Pond
Life 103.1 interviews John Davidson, starring in Judson Theater's On Golden Pond.

04:19 minutes
Grant Llewellyn
Life 103.1 interviews Grant Llewellyn, conductor of North Carolina Symphony's Vivaldi's Four Seasons.

07:05 minutes
Elinor Donahue
Life 103.1 interviews former Andy Griffith Show star, Elinor Donahue, as she joins the cast of Harvey at Judson Theatre.

06:11 minutes
My Fair Lady
Life 103.1 interviews Temple Theatre's director Peggy Taphorn along with a few others on the upcoming show, My Fair Lady.

06:18 minutes
Will Robinson interviews Temple Theatre's director Peggy Taphorn and the cast of Hairspray!

07:04 minutes
Natasha Korsakova
Will Robinson interviews Natasha Korsakova as she makes her NC debut presented by Carolina Philharmonic.

06:27 minutes
Declaration of Independence
The Life 103.1 staff celebrates July 4th by reading the Declaration of Independence in its entirety.

09:51 minutes
Carl Giammarese
Robin O'Brien interviews Carl Giammarese, lead vocalist and guitarist for The Buckinghams.

05:14 minutes
Lauren Kennedy
Steve Koranda interviews Lauren Kennedy

07:49 minutes
Ronny Cox
Steve Koranda interviews actor and musician Ronny Cox

09:01 minutes
Theron Bell
Steve Koranda interviews Theron Bell on Robbins Farmers Day

09:59 minutes
Heather Little
Steve Koranda interviews Heather Little

06:12 minutes
Kingston Trio
Steve Koranda interviews George Grove of the Kingston Trio

09:21 minutes
ClydeFest Interview

04:30 minutes
Piedmont Farm Tour Interview

06:53 minutes
Marvin Hamlisch Interview
Steve Koranda interviews Marvin Hamlisch

05:01 minutes
Roger Nobel Interview
Steve Koranda interviews Roger Nobel of First Health of the Carolinas

08:23 minutes
Mary Wilson Interview
Steve Koranda interviews Mary Wilson of the Supremes

07:14 minutes
Cliff Manion Interview
Steve Koranda interviews Wellness Director at Lee County YMCA

08:30 minutes
Rita Coolidge Interview
Steve Koranda interviews Singer Rita Coolidge

01:14 minutes
Max McLean
Steve Koranda interviews Screwtape Letters' Max McLean

09:54 minutes
Molly Matlock and Tommy Edwards Interview
Steve Koranda interviews Molly and Tommy

09:39 minutes
Interview with Jock Bartley
Steve Koranda interviews Firefall's Jock Bartley

10:23 minutes
Emily Harms - CORA
Chatham Outreach Alliance - Emily Harms

05:59 minutes
Steve Koranda interviews Author Kathy McGougan, Buddy the dog and Saerica Hamilton of the Southern Pines Library.

09:34 minutes
Dr. Ted Beemer
An Interview with Dr. Ted Beemer, a physician from Sanford who is serving in the Dominican Republic.

10:23 minutes
Vince Gill
Steve Koranda interviews Singer Vince Gill

08:10 minutes
Beverly Lewis
Best Selling Author

07:23 minutes
David Holt
Four-time Grammy Award Winner David Holt

08:12 minutes
Johnny Mathis
An interview with singer Johnny Mathis

08:20 minutes
Kris Kristofferson
An interview with country music star, Kris Kristofferson

08:50 minutes
John Sebastian
An Interview with John Sebastian from The Lovin' Spoonful

02:34 minutes


Life in Our Gardens

Protecting PollinatorsCharlotte Glen

01:24 minutes
BoxwoodsPaige Burns

01:25 minutes
Winter DamagePaige Burns

01:19 minutes
Lawn WeedsTaylor Williams

01:33 minutes
Pruning Fruit TreesTaylor Williams

01:28 minutes
Improving SoilCharlotte Glen

01:29 minutes
StrawberriesBen Graham

01:05 minutes
MolesCharlotte Glen

01:29 minutes
RosesBen Graham

01:05 minutes
Fertilizing LawnsCharlotte Glen

01:17 minutes
Crepe MyrtlesBen Graham

01:21 minutes
Pruning ShrubsTaylor Williams

01:28 minutes

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