In our efforts to serve our communities, we are providing features and conducting interviews with people in the news, local government officials, local Cooperative Extension agents, entertainers and more. Below is a list of features and interviews. Click on the audio link to play and listen!


Grace Notes - Bill Shrago
Bill Shrago, an Air Force Veteran and long-time financial advisor, member of the Order of the Long Leaf Pine, and former chairman of the North Carolina Holocaust Council.

31:28 minutes
Grace Notes - Jimmy Garner
Jimmy Garner, a native of NC, who for nearly nine decades has lived to make his community a better place. Car salesman-turned-president of First Bank, and still choir director at his church in Robbins, Jimmy’s story is one of traditional values...

29:22 minutes
Grace Notes - April Baker
April Baker, the founder of "A Touch of the Father's Love" food pantry in Battleboro, has a passion for helping those in need and believes that if she can do it, anyone can!

31:28 minutes
Grace Notes - Jeannie Reives
Jeannie Reives, a woman who took over her father’s barber shop after his death, and who’s mission it is to bring a smile and a great haircut to everyone she comes across. From regular customers to inmates, to the elderly, to the mentally ill.

25:55 minutes
Grace Notes - Roscoe Emmanuel
Roscoe Emmanuel is a retired highway patrolman who now spends his time ministering to Native American tribes on reservations out west. Through the non-profit, Native American Christian Ministries of the Carolinas, his is a story of dedicated service...

30:10 minutes
Grace Notes - The Aikens
Larry and Grace Aiken — a husband and wife team whose dedication to serving their community spans more than 50 years together. Theirs is a story of love and service…a story of Singin’ in the Rain and Keepin’ the Music Playin’.

30:42 minutes
Ben Vereen
Life 103.1's Will Robinson interviews Ben Vereen, who will be performing with the North Carolina Symphony—Steppin' Out With Ben Vereen, and will feature a tribute to Broadway!

05:36 minutes
Grace Notes - Bonnie Smith
Bonnie is the mother of a special needs child and founder of "Jacob's Friends." Bonnie's story is a story of love, commitment, and inclusion, of helping those who might be considered "different" - and then discovering abundant blessing in return.

31:32 minutes
Grace Notes - James Johnson
James is Purple Heart Vietnam Veteran who now volunteers at the Boys and Girls Club

25:15 minutes
Grace Notes - Retha Pappas
Retha is a dedicated Relay For Life volunteer and has been for the past 20+ years.

29:57 minutes
Grace Notes - Mary Latham
Mary Latham of More Good is on a mission to travel to every state and collect stories of hope, positivity, and people doing good.

30:52 minutes
FirstHealth "I'll See You In September"
Life 103.1 interviews Jeff Hanson and his family for the upcoming FirstHealth Foundation "I'll See You In September" event.

12:03 minutes
Twelve Angry Men
Life 103.1 interviews John Davidson, starring in Judson Theater's On Golden Pond.

06:45 minutes
Randy Jackson
Life 103.1 interviews Randy Jackson, who will join the North Carolina Symphony on June 25, 2016 playing the music of David Bowie.

05:52 minutes
On Golden Pond
Life 103.1 interviews John Davidson, starring in Judson Theater's On Golden Pond.

04:19 minutes
Grant Llewellyn
Life 103.1 interviews Grant Llewellyn, conductor of North Carolina Symphony's Vivaldi's Four Seasons.

07:05 minutes
Elinor Donahue
Life 103.1 interviews former Andy Griffith Show star, Elinor Donahue, as she joins the cast of Harvey at Judson Theatre.

06:11 minutes
My Fair Lady
Life 103.1 interviews Temple Theatre's director Peggy Taphorn along with a few others on the upcoming show, My Fair Lady.

06:18 minutes
Will Robinson interviews Temple Theatre's director Peggy Taphorn and the cast of Hairspray!

07:04 minutes
Natasha Korsakova
Will Robinson interviews Natasha Korsakova as she makes her NC debut presented by Carolina Philharmonic.

06:27 minutes
Declaration of Independence
The Life 103.1 staff celebrates July 4th by reading the Declaration of Independence in its entirety.

09:51 minutes
Carl Giammarese
Robin O'Brien interviews Carl Giammarese, lead vocalist and guitarist for The Buckinghams.

05:14 minutes
Lauren Kennedy
Steve Koranda interviews Lauren Kennedy

07:49 minutes
Ronny Cox
Steve Koranda interviews actor and musician Ronny Cox

09:01 minutes
Theron Bell
Steve Koranda interviews Theron Bell on Robbins Farmers Day

09:59 minutes
Heather Little
Steve Koranda interviews Heather Little

06:12 minutes
Kingston Trio
Steve Koranda interviews George Grove of the Kingston Trio

09:21 minutes
ClydeFest Interview

04:30 minutes
Piedmont Farm Tour Interview

06:53 minutes
Marvin Hamlisch Interview
Steve Koranda interviews Marvin Hamlisch

05:01 minutes
Roger Nobel Interview
Steve Koranda interviews Roger Nobel of First Health of the Carolinas

08:23 minutes
Mary Wilson Interview
Steve Koranda interviews Mary Wilson of the Supremes

07:14 minutes
Cliff Manion Interview
Steve Koranda interviews Wellness Director at Lee County YMCA

08:30 minutes
Rita Coolidge Interview
Steve Koranda interviews Singer Rita Coolidge

01:14 minutes
Max McLean
Steve Koranda interviews Screwtape Letters' Max McLean

09:54 minutes
Molly Matlock and Tommy Edwards Interview
Steve Koranda interviews Molly and Tommy

09:39 minutes
Interview with Jock Bartley
Steve Koranda interviews Firefall's Jock Bartley

10:23 minutes
Emily Harms - CORA
Chatham Outreach Alliance - Emily Harms

05:59 minutes
Steve Koranda interviews Author Kathy McGougan, Buddy the dog and Saerica Hamilton of the Southern Pines Library.

09:34 minutes
Dr. Ted Beemer
An Interview with Dr. Ted Beemer, a physician from Sanford who is serving in the Dominican Republic.

10:23 minutes
Vince Gill
Steve Koranda interviews Singer Vince Gill

08:10 minutes
Beverly Lewis
Best Selling Author

07:23 minutes
David Holt
Four-time Grammy Award Winner David Holt

08:12 minutes
Johnny Mathis
An interview with singer Johnny Mathis

08:20 minutes
Kris Kristofferson
An interview with country music star, Kris Kristofferson

08:50 minutes
John Sebastian
An Interview with John Sebastian from The Lovin' Spoonful

02:34 minutes


Life in Our Gardens

Protecting PollinatorsCharlotte Glen

01:24 minutes
BoxwoodsPaige Burns

01:25 minutes
Winter DamagePaige Burns

01:19 minutes
Lawn WeedsTaylor Williams

01:33 minutes
Pruning Fruit TreesTaylor Williams

01:28 minutes
Improving SoilCharlotte Glen

01:29 minutes
StrawberriesBen Graham

01:05 minutes
MolesCharlotte Glen

01:29 minutes
RosesBen Graham

01:05 minutes
Fertilizing LawnsCharlotte Glen

01:17 minutes
Crepe MyrtlesBen Graham

01:21 minutes
Pruning ShrubsTaylor Williams

01:28 minutes

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